The Radiant woman- Wisdom and Wealth

The Radiant Woman- Wisdom and Wealth 

Wisdom the principal thing and profitable to direct. Let’s break it down into two. 

Spiritual Wisdom- Wisdom that is heavenly minded, the God kind of wisdom the reverence and fear of God. 

Earthly Wisdom– Humanly and subject to earthly occurrences.

A woman cannot  fulfill purpose without connection with her creator and Father that is Spiritual Wisdom.

Spiritual wisdom helps clarify who, whose, what, why- we are here and do what we do. The 

Positive Alpha Woman is born in the process through the Fourth dimension because all things are created  twice. 

Do you believe you have the ability and intelligence to bring forth Generational WEALTH?

Why this understanding  KEY?

Is it  Evil  or wishful thinking?

What is Evil? 

Small mindedness is an Evil thing and yes generational wealth is possible, however it is first intangible.

Wisdom is knowledge of the Wealth and power you possess and Money is simply an exchange of value and value is wealth.

What is Wealth It’s the Ability to create something out of nothing USING WHAT YOU It’s the ability to create something out of nothing USING WHAT YOU HAVE

The power to bring forth- To multiply 


Natural definition- An abundance of Valuable physical  possession or money.

Spiritual definition- Inner treasures It’s the ability to create something out of nothing USING 

WHAT YOU HAVE The power to bring forth- To multiply 

Example –Jesus, and the widow who had a small jar of oil. 

Back in the days trade by barter was the process of trading what you have for what you want  no money used. This is to say that  

Real Wealth has nothing to do with money in your bank account. Money is simply an exchange of  value. Value is Wealth We  are wealthy because we have been given treasures  by God Almighty through our Lord Jesus Christ

Who lights a lamp and puts it in a box to cover it? A lamp is to be useful! we are the light to shine in our world.

Real Wealth is first intangible. It is the – 2U’s Using what you have and Utilizing The Power of converting through the Fourth dimension .

We need to Get comfortable with being uncomfortable to truly manifest. There is  GENIUS IN EVERY WOMAN/MOTHER for its The  creative power. It Remains latent if not utilized.

The Three woman

There three types of woman 

  1. Resilient– This woman Conceives, Incubates and  brings forth
  2. Indifferent– This woman  Conceives but has no staying power could still bring forth but not to the level expected 
  3. Rigid– This woman has No application, set in her ways, holds on the past failures/victories no stretch for more. 


There are always grounds to conquer

BOTH FOR US AND OUR GENERATION. How can we manifest GENERATIONAL WEALTH? WHILE WE BALANCE MOTHERHOOD/WOMANHOOD? It is through the fourth dimension the Radiant Woman- Operates through the Fourth dimension

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