Momma’s Passion for Success- The Principles That Govern.

Success should not be left to chance, it takes a definite purpose and persistence.

Success as a mom is not a wishful thought, it’s our birthright. We landed in this world as success because everything the Almighty God our Father created is  good. A woman is right for good things and so destined for good things. 

A woman is created in the image and likeness of God hence functions with creative abilities, in the greatest intensity. It takes deep understanding to function this way however by the help of the spirit we can succeed and align ourselves with our God given purpose. Here are some few principles that govern success.

  1. Relevant Knowledge– Knowledge is power and people who don’t seek knowledge limit themselves. A woman can only rise to the level of the knowledge she  possesses. To function as an extraordinary woman knowledge is key. Reading the bible to understand who you are in Christ Jesus will guide you in your success journey, because the things that are revealed in the word belong to us and our children, however you need to get into the word to know this. Through the bible your eyes become enlightened to understand your purpose.  In addition when you approach books that teach success you can capture a deeper understanding of concepts by the power of the Spirit. Read books and watch shows on people who model success in order to get exposure to what sustainable success looks like. You need to sacrifice to redefine the value of information you desire.  Buy a book instead of a handbag, what you get from the book buys more than bags .Invest in books, read, read and read that way you are grounded. As you read, highlight areas that strike you and create your success blueprint from lessons learnt.
  1. Positive Mindset – The mind is the center of our thoughts and thoughts are things with enough energy to  transform lives. When  your mind is transformed you understand your Father’s will for your life and the light is turned on. In your mind is persistence, purpose, desire and resistance. Through thoughts you capture powerful images and pictures. These images are things you can dream and imagine, when you keep this in your focus not too long you gradually become a magnet that attracts success. Once your mind can dream it believes it you can become it.
  1. Set goals and Develop Smart Plans– Goals are road maps that guide your vision and purpose, goals give  perspective and direction. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals are ways you can set up your business, career and relationships for success. Develop actionable plans on ways you will achieve your goals. This step should not be so complicated, keep it specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Simplicity is key. It’s better to under promise than overpromise and not succeed in your goals. As you grow in this step you can stretch your plans and goals as far as 10-60yrs  depending on your age you write how old you will be, how old your spouse will be, and how old your children will be. This action strengthens your desire for success. And keeps you going.
  1. Passion– Have a strong desire for success, make up your mind never to stop because men say NO. The yes you need has already been  given to you, your Father values your intelligence and abilities don’t let men dictate your success. Choose not to hear NO let NO be YES to you the more you act this way the more you succeed in everything. Communicate your desires with so much passion, fix your eyes on the future of your business or career, stay on your goals and keep on keeping on never giving up. Let your passion turn to a burning desire that moves you to a state of good obsession for success, with a definite plan and persistence to keep going till you burst into your dreams.
  2. Reinvent yourself– Die to old ways of doing things, change your mindset about success. See possibilities and prepare yourself mentally and physically for success. Don’t grow old, level up your game, learn the skills of the trade and rebrand yourself. Reinvention is key as new innovations come into the business space to stay relevant on the game you must reinvent yourself and your business
  1. Re-define Success– What is your definition of success, it’s much easier to be selfish but it’s more beneficial to be selfless. Success based on solving and helping others achieve success is more profitable in the long run. You become a problem solver and a goal giver rather than a goal getter. Once you see yourself as a solution provider automatically you gradually become a value brand not a needing brand. Think of it, what will be your greatest satisfaction? Will you get and get and have all your needs met but your life never makes true meaning? Let success be turned inward out rather than outward in.
  1. Take action– Action takers are always known for success and open mindedness is key. Burn the bridges of defeat, old beliefs and failures of the past. Embrace new opportunities with persistence and a definite purpose. Having a win only mentality doesn’t give room for going back. Burning bridges gives no room for visiting the past. It’s either a win or perish with this way of thinking your approach to your business, career and relationship is positive and this gradually keeps you successful. Every person who wins in any endeavor must be willing to burn bridges and cut all sources of retreat, be battle minded, die to old beliefs and old ways of doing things. You have researched enough now, put your thoughts to paper, set goals, develop plans. Have a blueprint and seat with it to bring your business alive and seek expert advice on areas you are not clear about.

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