Momslikeme is a registered non-profit faith-based organization, founded in June 2020 with a focus on providing support for moms, single moms without a spouse and married moms without a physically-present spouse.

There are many joys in motherhood but raising kids alone sometimes leaves moms feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, overwhelmed, lost, invisible, struggling financially and so much more. Sometimes, all these moms need is a little support in at least one area of their lives.

Efe Akhabue founded Momslikeme, with real life experiences and full understanding of these feelings, having raised her kids, without a physically-present spouse for over 10 years. Her purpose is to see moms become self-sufficient; find happiness, identity and purpose while raising great children.

Momslikeme works towards the reach, growth and steady support of as many moms as possible, while we continue to raise awareness for the needs of this community and make positive impact in homes, families and society at large.