Self Identity – First Step to Overcoming Financial Difficulties

Self identity as a woman is knowing who you are from the eyes of your creator, and understanding your role and purpose during challenging times.A woman is a helper  in the beginning God said it’s not good that man should be alone, he said I will make him a helper who is just right for him. Genesis 2: 18. Put 2 hands pics. In the eyes of God a woman is a helper, for the Almighty God to call his finished work a helper it means he deposited everything in that finished work to function as a helper. As a woman becoming a mother, and having children does not change your original identity however it should validate your identity. 

Financial difficulties and challenges  can arise as a result of so many reasons e.g  poor financial decision, loss of employment, health challenges, relationship breakups and it might be no fault of yours . However knowing and understanding your identity can help you 

overcome it. A woman and a mother are never without help, for you to be called a helper by our creator it means you have the help to be a helper. Here are some steps to overcoming. 

  1.  Be Transformed by the renewing of your mind: In the midst of challenges it takes self control to keep you  focused on who you are. The pressure of bills and debts can make us lose focus and we might begin to see ourselves as helpless,  but with self control you can intentionally renew your mind through his word. This helps you understand the perfect will of your father. That perfect will is that in you he has deposited everything you need to overcome it. 
  1. Prayer: When a machine breaks down we call on the experts to service and look into it right? Likewise when we are faced with difficult challenges we call on our Father who loves us and created us in his image and likeness,  he is ever ready to help us. Praying is the way we communicate with our Father when we pray we bring ourselves to align with his will. Jesus walked on this earth and was tested on every side he went through pains and has an understanding of our pains. He finished the work and overcame. He was rich but for our sake he became poor that through his poverty we can be rich. “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, that you through his poverty might become rich” 2 Corinthians 8:9. When you choose to pray about your finances based on your understanding of the victory Jesus won for you you are inviting his will into the situation and impressing his finished work. In prayers we agree and believe in the victory we have over lack, poverty and insufficiency.In prayers we declare the word of God and we speak in the name of Jesus, and because we believe changes happen. In prayers we stop the workings of evil,  the evil plans and schemes of the enemy, the devil in the name of Jesus, and we cast down all the works of evil.

  1. Be Expectant: It doesn’t end there, the prayer of a righteous woman and mother avails much and produces tremendous results. As we pray about our finances we must be expectant. Based on our expectations we begin to take necessary steps towards our desires. This could be exploring new businesses, going back to school to pursue a new career that will open up new opportunities. It could be to  speak with your financial institution to discuss options about managing your finances and investment opportunities. Whatever the case maybe take positive steps towards your desires faith without works is dead when you are expectant,  you put your faith to work. In the journey of faith you have a responsibility. As you pray your desires you take action as the spirit leads.
  1. Be confident:  It takes self identity to believe that you got what it takes to make a change and turn things around. Your Identity in Christ Jesus is the first step to overcoming financial challenges and working in financial freedom. Never sell yourself short, you got what it takes just use it. Those who trust in him are strong and mighty and do exploits.

Your sister in destiny,