Welcome to Momslikeme, a registered faith-based non-profit organization that inspires and positively impacts moms in the journey of destiny. We’re focused on helping moms to be all that God has called them to be, through programs that encourage their all-round wellbeing, on this unique path of motherhood. Here, you’ll find a safe community full of listening ears, shoulders to lean on and hands that guide you through the doors where your voice is heard in your society.

Christ is at the forefront of our vision and in response to His love, we give much-needed hope, care and love; essentials that are not always available for moms in this thing called life.  We work out this vision by accepting and celebrating you the way you are, connecting you with a community that feels like home, providing educational resources and workshops and, linking you up with life coaches who, like us, are committed to seeing you be the best version of yourself. 

We believe that wholesome moms raise wholesome children and families. When this happens, the world gradually becomes a better place for us all. Our contribution to making this happen is Momslikeme.

We’re glad you made it here and we’re excited to do life with you!


Being a mom of 2 handsome boys, at some point, I lived through the experience of raising them on my own...


Momslikeme is a nonprofit faith-based organization, founded in June 2020 with a focus on providing support for moms...


Momslikeme’s mission is to bring inspiration, motivation and positive change to women all over the world. We also...