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Welcome to Momslikeme, a registered faith-based non-profit organization (Business Number with the Canada Revenue Agency [CRA] 712966670RC0001) that inspires and positively impacts moms in the journey of destiny. We’re focused on helping moms to be all that God has called them to be, through programs that encourage their all-round wellbeing, on this unique path of motherhood. Here, you’ll find a safe community full of listening ears, shoulders to lean on and hands that guide you through the doors where your voice is heard in your society.

Christ is at the forefront of our vision and in response to His love, we give much-needed hope, care and love;

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This faith-based program provides one-on-one support for moms through the highs and lows of life. A coach will work hand-in-hand with you to create a system that builds your confidence, unearths and leverages your God-given gifts and provides guidance and accountability. This system aims to…

Powerhouse Mom

Powerhouse Moms is a biweekly workshop via zoom where moms interact, listen and recommend realistic goals and practical solutions for life issues. The topics discussed will cover spiritual growth, self-development and self-care, money matters, social issues and…

Helping Hands

Our Helping Hands program caters for moms in need, by supporting them with the funds that they require to meet up with financial commitments. It also creates a pathway to financial empowerment.

Supplemental Assistance for Single Moms  and Housing Support for Moms in Need

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Momslikeme Back To School Outreach


Exceptional Life Development Institute

Reclaim control over your life, mind, business, finances, time and freedom so you can achieve your full potential and be the best version of you.



Prior to attending momslikeme, I hoped it would be a meeting with women/moms I really could relate with and it was! I enjoyed the relaxed spiritual atmosphere and carrying everyone along. It didn’t feel like meeting new people to be perfectly honest. Even seeing the host calming her baby while trying to keep speaking was sooooooo relatable! It gave me warm feelings knowing it is ok when life gets interrupted. No need freaking over little stuff.

Member PHM

Momslikeme PHM is a beautiful platform. It teaches us how we can be better organized as mothers and still live our lives . One beautiful word that has not left me from the platform is "success should not be left to chance ". In other words we must live our lives more intentionally to get the best out come we desire . Thank you Efe for putting this together.

Love Ized - Member PHM

Momslikeme Power house meet has impacted my life in a positive way. It has ignited my passion to succeed and also taught me the art of self mastering. Through Power house I now know that imagination can actually become a reality when you put it to work by confessing the word of God over your dreams. I am so honored to be a PH mom. Thank you @momslikeme

Member PHM

Momslikeme PHM has thought me how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and his achieve my goals regardless of how I feel. Have learnt to keep pushing in the midst of discomfort. PHM has thought me that knowledge is power only when Applied. I Have experienced a mind shift since I started Momslikeme PHM

Member PHM

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Ending family homelessness one family at a time

A safe haven for wo​men and children fleeing abuse

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